Women's Yoga Center

Project: Women's Yoga Center

Logo and Branding, Website Design, Hosting

The Women's Yoga Center of OKC approached R3 for help with a professional logo to develop their brand around, and a web presence that was both professional and progressive. Our RDS team worked closely with the client to create desktop and iPhone optimized versions of womensyogacenter.com

The LA Forum

Project: The LA Forum

Website CMS Development and Integration

Ritzy Periwinkle Design tapped R3 to help with the CMS development, Flash development, and integration for the new LA Forum website. Starting from a set of PSD files, our RDS team created the html and css markup and developed a robust backend CMS allow the end user total control over their content.

Klinger & Associates

Project: Klinger & Associates

Website Design and Backend Development

Klinger & Associates found a template they thought would work well for their new website, however it needed some custom functionality and forms handling. R3 worked with them to integrate the choosen template with the functionality needed. By starting with an off the shelf template, the "design" portion of his project was less than $30USD!

JR Fulton & Associates

Project: JR Fulton & Associates

Logo and Branding, Website Development

JR Fulton & Associates needed a major brand renewal, the website project provided the catalyst. Brad a senior Broker Associate with the firm developed a wishlist which was refined into a clear spec. The R3/RDS team then created a new image for the company including logo, website, backend CMS and listing tool, and offline printed collateral.



Thank you for your interest in our products and services. Red Rock Reef / Subnet is a full services B2B IT Consultancy. We offer a full suite of professional grade Internet solutions for your small business or enterprise.



- Network Engineering and Support
- Linux/Unix/MACOS System Administration
- Application Development / Website and Multimedia Design
- Managed Hosting / High Speed Internet Connectivity


Contact Us

Contact us via:
email: sales@redrockreef.com

IT and Network Consulting

Enterprise Level IT Consulting and Network Engineering

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Web and Application Development

Website Design and Application Development

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more info on web design I want to learn more

About Us

Red Rock Reef / Subnet initiated paid commercial internet services in Q3 1995, serving Riverside, California and the Inland Empire. In 1996 the dial-up and consumer services were sold to EZ-Access Internet Services in Riverside, California. Corporate focus shifted to the emerging commercial Internet and development Q4 1996. About this time the City of Riverside Public Utilities began looking to establish a presence on the Internet and became one of the first significant enterprise level clients for our developing company. Throughout 1997-2000 the company continued to focus on high end solution oriented growth. During this period several other high profile clients joined our extended family. In 2002 the corporate headquarters of the company relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where the company is based today. The company currently has 4 offices overseas, staff in 5 countries, and clients in several US states and a few foreign locales.

Our Mantra

The information you need is all around you.

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More features

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Other features

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  • jQuery Accordion
  • jQuery powered horizontal scrolling engine
  • Sleek metalic look
  • Top banner slideshow using cycle plugin
  • Commented code
  • Easy to edit and use


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web: www.company.com
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RDS Field Office

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