Maintaining the status quo or looking for shortcuts to change may seem easier, but real business gets done via solid logistics and progressive bridge building. That’s why Red Rock Reef is proud to introduce our small and medium-sized (SMB) customers to Panoply BPO — a cutting edge, IT-centric solutions suite developed by tech-creative agency Doyen + Sharp. Whether the goal is to grow, stabilize, simplify, downsize, mobilize, or modernize your business; Panoply BPO provides the right combination of tools, support, scalability, and affordability necessary to make it a reality. There is a better way. Reach out now for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

Information Technology

Systems Management, Design, Engineering, Support

Process & Workflow

Dedicated Staff, Customized Processes and Workflows

Communication & Brand

Business Phone System, Website / E-Commerce Platform, Social Media


Bookkeeping Options
Local / Cloud

Document & Media Management

Document Management, Local Capture, Remote Meta + File, Workbook Access


IT-Centric Consulting
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Panoply BPO is owned by Doyen + Sharp — a North America-based tech-creative agency that specializes in design, development, and marketing of custom and enterprise-level technology offerings. Red Rock Reef has been named as a certified vendor-partner, by special agreement.