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Large-scale businesses are often forced to choose between being overcharged or underserved.

This can set off an expensive chain of desperation, waste and conflict that ultimately destabilizes a company beyond recovery.

We don’t aim to be all things to all people, but we do offer the highest possible level of support to those that recognize and appreciate the difference.
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Each project is different because each customer is different. When meeting with clients, we discover what their needs are and implement solutions to meet them. Here are some recent projects:
Cloud Nine Yoga

Cloud Nine Yoga is a Hawaii based Yoga School with branches worldwide

Services: IT, Systems design, Admin

Crockett Cogeneration

Crockett Cogeneration operates a natural gas fired cogeneration plant in Crockett, CA.

Services: IT, Systems design

Hub Construction Specialties

Construction supplies, tools, and equipment rentals for over 60 years

Services: Consulting, Connectivity, Networking, APPs, Support

Reef Media

Team Miss Min Wins!

Red Rock Reef is now an official sponsor of Formula One Air Race Team Miss Min

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There Are Levels

At Red Rock Reef, we work with our clients to develop solutions to address their unique business challenges. We stand by our expertise in creating custom applications, business systems, mobile APPs, and legacy integration with contemporary tools; and we’ve found that it’s not a problem to think outside of the box when you’re not stuck in one. Contact us now to unlock the true potential of your business.

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