About Us

Red Rock Reef / Subnet is a boutique IT consultancy and technology-centric BPO solutions provider. We have been working with enterprise, government, and institutional clients since 1995. We provide SMB (small and medium-sized business) clients with access to the same resource base and expertise. We don’t aim to be all things to all people, but we do offer the highest possible level of service to those that recognize and appreciate the difference.

Recent Projects

Red Rock Reef

Each project is different because each customer is different. When meeting with clients, we discover what their needs are and implement solutions to meet them.

Cloud Nine Yoga

Cloud Nine Yoga is a Southern California based Yoga School with branches worldwide.

Crockett Cogen

Crockett Cogeneration operates a natural gas fired cogeneration plant in Crockett, California.


Armadale Vodka is a global premium adult beverage brand, originally from Armadale, Scotland.

Hub Construction Specialties (Distribution)

Consulting, Connectivity, Networking, APPs, Support

Panoply BPO

Maintaining the status quo or looking for shortcuts to change may seem easier, but real business gets done via solid logistics and progressive bridge building.

SMB Solutions

Businesses that land within the SMB parameters tend to require a unique set of solutions in order to compete and thrive, and Red Rock Reef has addressed this by being the first to offer the Panoply BPO suite of services.

The information you need is all around you.


Red Rock Reef / Subnet has been proud to support the Pink Paddlers Breast Cancer Survivor’s Dragon Boat Team in Las Vegas, Nevada. Having been directly impacted by cancer, Red Rock Reef appreciates the opportunities for support and friendship that Dragon Boating offers to cancer survivors.